Banned Things: No More of My Favorite Eric Floberg Photos!

I am reading Beavan’s “No Impact Man” for a class. How fitting. Anyway, in chapter 7 he makes a list of banned things and it got me thinking, I never banned anything except certain TV shows and obviously dating. Making a list would make this a lot easier for me and it would clear my head and help me focus on why I’m really doing this. So here it is:

1) No more romantic “comedies’

2) No more creeping on facebook pictures of cute couples with my friends

3) No more “harmless” flirting

4) No more watching: “The Bachelor,” (which blows because I think this guy’s a Christian!), “Bridezillas,” “Say to the Dress,” and “Four Weddings”

5) No more boy talk with the girls-sorry girls!

6) No more men college sporting events, unless I have to cheerlead at them (I have a thing for athletes)

7) No more engagement stories and stories about crushes and people dating, etc. (I guess I’ll just have to walk out of the room for those lol)

But here’s what I can do:

1) I can still watch scary movies

2) I can still look at normal facebook pictures

3) I can just be friends with guys

4) I can still watch: “Scandal,” “Revenge,” “Dance Moms,” Cheer Perfection,” “The Mindy Project” (it’s more silly than romantic), “New Girl,” and “Battleground”

5) I can still talk about…everything else!

6) I can still go to the games I cheer at and I can still watch pro sports

7) I can listen to every other story!

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