Unbanning Things

I am now able to do and watch certain things that I had banned before! The point of the banning was to eliminate things that distracted me and made it harder for me to stay focused on my promise until I got to the point where they didn’t alter the way I think.

I can now watch: The Bachelor, Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, and, Four Weddings. But now that I can watch them I don’t really want to…okay maybe The Bachelor.

I can participate in boy talk..although since I don’t have boys to talk about it’d just be me listening to girls whine about their boy problems, don’t really want to do that either.

I can watch romantic comedies, but now I realize how terrible they are. They aren’t even funny! I can’t believe I used to watch such crap. After watching a romantic comedy my first thought is, ‘welp there’s an hour and a half of my life I won’t get back.’ Terrible.

It looks like I had to take a step back to actually realize the things I gave up were stupid to begin with and I don’t really want them in my life. Huzzah to realizations!


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