My Dream Book

I’ve started a new section in my journal for goals and dreams and such. It’s supposed to help you have a clearer vision of where you want to be in life and the more you think about and envision what you want, the more you subconsciously and consciously start to make decisions that will get you there. Here is what I’ve started with, I’m sure I’ll add more as time goes by.

524046_568916503138984_549097110_n Well first and foremost I want a pet monkey and I will name him/her Faden!

547638_554746397879892_1357700426_n So I probably don’t want a bed exactly like this but this is kind of sweet.

292  Instead of a  father/daughter dance, I think I want a father/daughter performance at my wedding. He has been trying to get me to sing with him since I was little.

60596_489210884479449_1773695498_n  A home with a view

68528_490890424311495_625019929_n Vacations like this!

223109_514869195194374_846726910_n  To fall in love

537276_490892174311320_851571139_n  To eat at this restaurant!

SS_10_Weird_But_Wonderful_Homes_Foam_Home_MN This is a house! Like the bed, I’m not sure I want a house like this but I do want one that’s unique and one of a kind. Whenever I do decide to stay somewhere long enough to actually own a house there, it’ll be weird like this one.

_DSC3578  To be fully immersed in the Lord and follow His path for my life.

indy To go to more Cru parties and “geek” it out with more believers!

_DSC3670  To touch lives and be touched by others’ lives. I want to make a difference and I want to make friends that last a lifetime.

602092_491457787588092_1187776937_n  Never to feel insignificant.

images  To travel, volunteer, and spread the message of God’s love through my life, in my own way, through the gifts that I’ve been blessed with.

yellow-ribbon-dog-tag  To get my non-profit organization, TAGGS off the ground. My goal is to pay for the counseling services of at least 100 veterans a year to help them transition back into civilian life in a healthy way. This will lower drug/alcohol dependency, mental health disorders, and homelessness in the veteran population.

400145_2973066338484_477301874_n                   522310_10151239878697628_1126782612_n

2568_73192141123_3579677_n  I’ve been a cheerleader for a few years, I started off doing competitive cheer in high school and I never really thought it was fair that only some kids get to experience competitive cheer because it’s super expensive. In fact, there were girls who got $30,000 cars for Christmas at 16 I was just happy to get my $1500 car lol. So what I want to do is open my own gym and be able to pay gym dues and tumbling lessons for kids whose families can’t afford it but are still interested in competitive cheer. I love all things cheer and being a cheerleader has changed me in a lot of ways. Plus, since my college team doesn’t compete I’ve kind of been missing the competition life so it’ll be fun to get back into.

   Kind of corny but I have always wanted to be serenaded lol. Also, I want this as my wedding song one day

So some of these I don’t have much control over and the rest are a little ambitious, so I’ll start small, I’m getting my monkey.


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