A Double Standard

I haven’t blogged here lately but I don’t really have much new to say so I’m just going to keep typing and see what comes out. I’m 8 months in so I’ve gotten to the point where I sometimes forget that I’m not dating for a year because it has become kind of normal not to be talking to potentials and whatnot.

Um, I basically feel the same way, I’m pretty sure I don’t want a family of my own  or at least not in my 20s anyway and I don’t want to seriously date anybody so when this 12 months is over I’ll basically just play the field and date casually.

So I think I’ve mentioned how I wasn’t allowed to date in high school because my dad wouldn’t allow it. Well, imagine my surprise when I come home and find that my brother who turns 16 this week has a girlfriend he has been dating since Oct which is the same month I decided to stop dating lol.

Me and my dad had a talk about it and he said he did tell my brother he can’t have a gf but he didn’t listen. Quizzically, I said, “so if I had disobeyed you would have allowed it.” He said absolutely not.

Okay dad, I’m going to give you another chance to make sense.

So then why did you allow him?

He said my brother is the type who is going to do what he wants regardless and he said that he picks his battles and my brother having a gf wasn’t one worth fighting.

Apparently though me having a bf when I was his age was definitely one worth fighting.

Then he said something we’ve all heard before ,”he’s a boy, it’s different.”

Really? I hadn’t known you had lived your life as an adolescent girl as well as a boy. Please, explain.

He said boys his age want sex but my brother isn’t like that.

So, not only has my dad been a teenage girl before but he apparently also thinks my brother is some divine child sent from heaven who doesn’t have normal teen hormones.

The fuck? Like, seriously, the fuck?

I let this discussion slide because I could have gone on and on about how wrong he is on so many levels but the fact is I didn’t really care. I’ve known from the time he was born that he was my dad’s favorite. It doesn’t bother me because I know how much my dad wanted a son who is an allstar athlete and that’s my brother. Plus, I’m 21 so I can date who I want when I want. But I asked because I just wanted to hear his explanation. I wanted to see if it was a silly as I thought it was going to be.

He should have just told the truth, that like most fathers no matter how old his daughter gets he still feels the need to protect and control. He’s just lucky I was so obedient at 16. Most girls I knew when I was that age would sneak out and disobey. But when my dad said no that was that. 969940_10151664825324493_408958015_n

Anyway, I met his gf and she’s taller than me! I’m 5’9 and my brother is 6′ she’s about an inch shorter. I felt like the little sibling standing next to them two. I actually like her which is something I didn’t expect. My brother is a football player and he has some stereotype football player ways about him. I was concerned he was going to date some vapid cheerleader. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a cheerleader but I’m not vapid but believe me there are some real “winners” out there. Anyway I found out she plays basketball AND she wears the same jersey number I wore when I played basketball at her age. She scored points with me already.

It’s very important that I like his gf and he knows that too. The last girl he brought over was an attention whore and I told him if he ever dates her or brings her back that I’d make her life hell. He just laughed but I wasn’t joking lol. Nobody in my family liked that girl.

Anyway it seems me and my mother taught him well. I like this girl she’s nice and sweet and is an athlete. I did think her homecoming dress was way too short and tight for a high school dance but whatever, she’s tall and as a tall girl I know how hard it is to find a dress that doesn’t make you look like a slut but doesn’t make you look like a nun either. I let that slide lol.

You may think I’m being overprotective but I’m his big sis and I read people like a book. I don’t want him to end up making the colossal mistake of marrying some terrible woman then getting divorced like my older half brother did. I’m his little sister so I didn’t get much of a say on that one.

Anyway as a sister it is my duty to make sure my brothers don’t end up with girls who are the type of girls I didn’t like in high school and don’t respect in college. He wants to be a pro football player and that just makes my and my mother’s job even harder lol.

Something else new happened! My friend is dating one of the guys in our group of friends! I’m happy for both of them because they’ve been in this tango for the past year or so and we’ve all just been waiting for them to man up and date lol. So while I’m really excited about that I am a little sad for me, I don’t know why because I don’t want an exclusive relationship. I think maybe I just miss being wanted.


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